Rep. Haler says Senate Democrat budget hurts education and sets voters up for a tax increase

‘This budget, as presented, threatens many of our smaller rural school districts,’ says Haler


Rep. Larry Haler, R-Richland, issued the following statement today in regards to today’s Senate Democrat budget proposal:

“I’m very disappointed that Senate Democrat budget writers cut so deep into education funding.  This budget, as presented, threatens many of our smaller rural school districts.

“The class size money from the voter-approved Initiative 728 has been slashed almost entirely and no longer fulfills voter intent.  Levy equalization for our rural school districts has also been dealt a heavy blow.

“It’s painfully obvious that education bears an abnormally large brunt of the budget cutting.  It appears the strategy is to make as much noise as possible with the budget cuts — make them as painful as possible — so that voters will be inclined to support a tax increase to ‘buy back’ services.

“This is disingenuous to our citizens.  I believe we can balance the budget and fund education without raising taxes.  We should be prioritizing government spending and this starts with the state’s paramount duty – education.”


EDITOR’S NOTE: Rep. Haler serves as the ranking Republican on the House Early Learning and Children’s Services Committee, the Higher Education Committee, and the Education Appropriations Committee.

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