About Rep. Larry Haler

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Rep. Larry Haler is serving his seventh term from the 8th District, which covers part of Benton County.

He was elected to the Richland City Council in 1989 and was mayor from 1996-2000. Larry remained a councilmember until joining the House in 2004.

Haler continues to serve on the House Appropriations Committee, focusing his efforts on protecting taxpayers, funding education and protecting the most vulnerable. For his efforts to help make it easier for local businesses to thrive and create more family-wage jobs, he has been awarded the Cornerstone Award from Association of Washington Business, the Leadership in Economic Advancement, Economic Development and Effective Revitalization (LEADER) award from the Washington Economic Development Association, and Tri-City Citizen of the Year from the Association of Realtors.

Larry has a bachelor's degree from Pacific Lutheran University and an MBA from Bellevue-based City University. He has nearly 40 years' nuclear industry experience including nuclear plant operation, personnel and safety training, and has worked as a communications specialist working in community relations at Flour Hanford, Inc. in Richland.

Larry and his wife Jenifer live in Richland.